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Client: SAP
Creative Directors: Nolan Hicks & Lake Buckley
ECD: Aaron Duffy

Director: Miguel Espada
Agency: SpecialGuest
Production Co: 1stAveMachine


SAP asked us to create a film for the launch of their newest ERP (enterprise resource planning) offering: S/4HANA. As is so often this case, this was as much a strategic challenge as it was a creative challenge. How do you give a taste of what this technology can accomplish in 90 seconds without a professor and some pie-charts? 

Ultimately we landed on the concept of synchronization, using music (via turntables) to convey S/4HANA's power to take myriad data tables and turn them into helpful, even beautiful, insights.  

Nolan Hicks  ©  MMXXIV   ////////////// 

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